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Master Bond
154 Hobart St
Hackensack, NJ 07601
United States

Year Founded: 1976
Key Personnel: VP Technical Sales: Robert Michaels
Phone: 201-343-8983
Fax: 201-343-2132

Master Bond

Master Bond

Master Bond formulates high quality, innovative adhesive systems ideal for the assembly of LED devices. Our goal is to help engineers meet specific requirements for their bonding, sealing, coating and encapsulation applications.

Key Benefits of Master Bond Adhesives, Sealants and Coatings

Master Bond’s wide-ranging product line of epoxies, silicones, UV curable and LED curable systems are reliable, come in convenient packaging and feature outstanding performance properties.  Each compound is designed to meet specific application needs and requirements, and can be formulated for:

  • High optical clarity
  • A variety of refractive values
  • Withstanding UV degradation
  • Hardness or softness
  • Thermal cycling reliability
  • High bond strength
  • Chemical resistance
  • Mechanical stress resistance
  • High/low temperatures
  • And more!

Compounds may be used as conformal coatings, die attach adhesives, optical grade encapsulants, lens bonding and sealing systems and thermal interface materials. Certain grades are formulated to comply with UL 94V-0 and UL 94V-1 specifications for potting and conformal coatings, and feature outstanding flame retardancy and superior dielectric characteristics. We also offer non-corrosive RTV silicones that provide high transparency, excellent toughness, and fast, tack free time for lens bonding and sealing.

Thermal management plays an essential role in LED product design Master Bond one and two component epoxy adhesive systems are used for heat sink attachment and offer outstanding heat dissipation and low thermal resistance for high, medium, and low power LED’s.

Expert Technical Support for LED Assembly

Our experienced technical representatives provide individual support to help determine the best adhesive for your application.

Master Bond LED401 is a unique single component compound that cures rapidly upon exposure to 405 nm light. This formulation has a low viscosity, high bond strength and superior electrical insulation p... View Product
EP112LS is an optically clear two part, heat curing epoxy for potting, encapsulation, coating, sealing and impregnation. It features reliable non-yellowing properties and has a refractive index of 1.5... View Product
Offering impressive toughness, UV15-42C is a very high strength, one part, translucent adhesive that can withstand thermal and mechanical shocks while retaining excellent dimensional stability. It is ... View Product