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Luminit LLC
1850 W 205th St
Torrance, CA 90501
United States

Year Founded: 2005
No. of Employees: 60
Key Personnel: Mktg Comm: Mary Ann Giorgio
Phone: 310-320-1066
Fax: 310-320-8067

Luminit LLC Products

Lenticular Batwing Diffuser

Luminit’s Lenticular Batwing Diffuser is a double-sided, single-film solution th... View Product

Light Shaping Diffusers®

Luminit's patented Light Shaping Diffuser® technology helps designers and engine... View Product
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Direction Turning Film

Direction Turning Films films enable off-axis placement of an incoming beam when... View Product

Edge-lit Uniformity Tape

Edge-lit Uniformity Tape, or EUT, is a remarkably effective method for solving c... View Product

Volumetric Light Shaping Diffusers (VLSD)

Luminit’s Volumetric Light Shaping Diffuser (VLSD) offers “Luminit-level” optica... View Product