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Luminit LLC
1850 W 205th St
Torrance, CA 90501
United States

Year Founded: 2005
No. of Employees: 60
Key Personnel: Mktg Comm: Mary Ann Giorgio
Phone: 310-320-1066
Fax: 310-320-8067

Luminit LLC

Luminit Is Reshaping What's Possible with Light Shaping Diffusers®

Luminit was born from a ground-breaking development in optics called Light Shaping Diffusers. The technology revolutionized the lighting industry with a patented surface microstructure that can do amazing things with light. When Light Shaping Diffusers are applied to lighting, color diffraction and striations disappear, hot spots and multiple shadows diminish, glare is controlled, and the beam-shaping possibilities are virtually endless. With Light Shaping Diffusers, our customers experience:

  • Customized light shaping
  • High transmission efficiency
  • Brighter displays
  • Best in-class LED hiding power
  • More appealing fixtures
  • Higher performance optical devices

Our experienced sales engineers can help you choose the right diffuser angle to help shape your next project. Contact sales@luminitco.com.

Samples of our diffusers are available to customers as a courtesy. Visit www.luminitco.com to learn more.
Luminit’s Lenticular Batwing Diffuser is a double-sided, single-film solution that dramatically increases the light distribution of linear light fixtures. Designed for a variety of recessed or suspend... View Product
Luminit's patented Light Shaping Diffuser® technology helps designers and engineers reshape what’s possible with LED lighting without changes to the light fixture. Free samples can be ordered on www.l... View Product
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