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Labsphere Inc
231 Shaker St
PO Box 70
North Sutton, NH 03260
United States

Year Founded: 1979
No. of Employees: 115
Key Personnel: Mktg Mgr: Darlene Delano
Phone: 603-927-4266
Fax: 603-927-4694

Labsphere Inc Products


Type D Benchtop, Type C Moving Mirror, Type C Moving Detector, Type A View Product

Type D Benchtop Goniospectrometer

Ideal for measuring virtually any light source quickly in one or more C planesGe... View Product

illumia®Plus Light Measurement System

Modular, configurable systems with a wide range of spectrometer options and sphe... View Product

illumia®Pro Systems

Simultaneous thermal, optical, and electrical characterization of LEDs. View Product
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Spectralon® Reflectance Material

Labsphere's Spectralon® Reflectance Material can be machined into a wide variety... View Product

Custom UV LED Measurement Systems

Labsphere designs custom systems for measuring absolute spectral flux and power ... View Product
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