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Auer Lighting GmbH
Hildesheimer Str 35
Bad Gandersheim 37581

Year Founded: 1948
No. of Employees: 400
Phone: 49-5382-701-0
Fax: 49-5382-701-297

Auer Lighting GmbH Products

LED Light Guides

Glass light guides used with mid- and high-power LEDs are available with design ... View Product

Hybrid Glass Reflector JUPITER

The JUPITER combines the best of two worlds: reflector and lens in one single pi... View Product


CMY, CTB and CTO filters matching the customer's color and design requests are p... View Product

White Gobos

White gobos feature a better heat absorption and no ghost light. Excellent refle... View Product


Precision primary glass optics and filters for the new powerful headlamps operat... View Product

Glass Lenses

Fresnel and diffusion lenses in various length and diameters ranging from 30 mm ... View Product


Precision glass optics and high-temperature resistant coatings for laser applica... View Product

Cover Glass BERLIN

Cover glass with special facet design to homogenize light distribution, suitable... View Product

Glass TIR Lenses

Collimator lenses protecting the LED light source from its surroundings and capt... View Product

Color-mixing Optic SHOPWHITE

New color-mixing glass optics "ShopWhite" designed for multi-color LED arrays, s... View Product

LED Outdoor Lens

Streetlight Lens 360° for multiple street light distribution. Various distributi... View Product