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Phototherapy lighting

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Alpha-One Electronics Ltd, Ebina-city, Kanagawa, Japan

Alpha-One’s featured products are high quality LEDs (λP265nm-1600nm in various packages), Photo-diodes, and other optical equipments. They are widely ... more>>
ALTW's Intelligent Pre-Cabling System and Solutions (IPCS) is your answer for incorporating LED Lighting in tunnels, streets, freeways, highways, reta... more>>

Creator Components Co Ltd, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Offers machine parts for lighting field, agricultural field, mining field, construction field and so on. Creator offers varied light casting parts, fo... more>>
Eden Park Illumination offers a line of thin, flat, micro plasma lighting products for ultraviolet (UV) applications such as disinfection, bio-medical... more>>

EFORE SpA, Castelfidardo, (AN), Italy

Is an innovations company with a significant intellectual property and products portfolio in digital power control and solid state lighting (LED) elec... more>>

Opto Diode Corp, Camarillo, CA

Supplies photodetectors, LEDs, IR LEDs. IRD detectors detect high-energy particles/photons in the UV & X-ray regions. Other devices discriminate trac... more>>
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