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Inspection lighting

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A pioneering LED lighting manufacturer for machine vision, Ai offers a broad range of standard and customizable light solutions and control electronic... more>>

Alpha-One Electronics Ltd, Ebina-city, Kanagawa, Japan

Alpha-One’s featured products are high quality LEDs (λP265nm-1600nm in various packages), Photo-diodes, and other optical equipments. They are widely ... more>>

Cireon LLC, Moorpark, CA

Is a US manufacturer of solid state luminaires for low bay, mid bay, high bay, commercial interior and roadway lighting. The industry's best thermal ... more>>

Digital Light Lab, Knoxville, TN

Provides high powered ultraviolet LED illumination and measurement systems for medical, industrial, and defense applications.
Custom, edge to edge illuminated eLume LED light panels and custom LED lighting solutions to meet with each client's specific project's requirements.

Epi-Light Ltd, Cork City, Ireland

Develops and manufactures advanced LED systems for: UV curing, high brightness Line lights for machine vision, bio and medical imaging, optical fibre ... more>>

FiberVision GmbH, Würselen, Germany

Specializes in the development and integration of turnkey-solutions for automation and machine vision. The essential feature of our systems and produc... more>>

Foreal Spectrum, San Jose, CA

Foreal manufactures high brightness, long life time LED light sources used in thorascopes, lathroscopes, cystoscopes, in surgical microscopy and for o... more>>

Hamamatsu Corp, Bridgewater, NJ

Hamamatsu Corp. provides light sources including LED, laser diodes, lamps, flash lamps, UV spot light sources, and others. We also provide cameras, sy... more>>


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