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Epitex, Santa Clara, CA
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Provides solutions in more than 50 wavelengths from 360 to 1550nm. LEDs offered include high intensity surface mount LEDs, through-hole packaged LEDs,... more>>
Cirrus Logic develops high-precision, analog and mixed-signal integrated circuits for a broad range of innovative customers across a variety of energy... more>>

CS Bright Corp, New Taipei Co

Founded in 1973 in R.O.C., China Semiconductor Corporation (C.S.C.) is renowned for providing customized technology solutions to numerous high profile... more>>
Offers 15 years of experience in producing and distributing customized LED, LED chips and photodiodes starting from deep UV up to infrared.
Epistar Corporation, located in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan since September 1996, focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing high brightn... more>>

The Fox Group Inc, Sperryville, VA

A North American supplier of UV LEDs. FoxUVtm LEDs have peak wavelengths in three ranges: 360-365nm & 350-355nm in a variety of packages + 340nm UV LE... more>>
Molybdenum and Tungsten manufacturer. Sputtering targets, crucibles, sheets, plates, electrodes and rodes.
Nitride Crystals manufactures and sells low-defect, true-bulk AlN and SiC substrates grown by seeded PVT. AlN substrates are 15mm diameter c-plane wi... more>>

Plasma-Therm, St Petersburg, FL

Designs, manufactures and supports plasma etch and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment in various high technology market segme... more>>
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