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Photonic crystal manufacturing equipment

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Comdel Inc, Gloucester, MA

Manufactures RF and DC generators, auto-match impedance monitors, multi-channel synthesizers and ESC power supplies for RF-driven plasma systems for P... more>>

Eulitha AG, Villigen PSI

Provides nano lithography services and equipment to LED manufacturers. It specializes on printing of photonic patterns using its unique PHABLE technol... more>>

LG CNS, Seoul

Offers factory design, MES solutions, factory operation outsourcing and turn-key factory.

Logitech Ltd, Glasgow, Strathclyde

Logitech Ltd is a world leader in materials processing, shaping and surface finishing technology. We design and manufacture high precision cutting, la... more>>
Molybdenum and Tungsten manufacturer. Sputtering targets, crucibles, sheets, plates, electrodes and rodes.

PEER Group, Kitchener, ON

Supplies factory automation connectivity software for LED, semiconductor, MEMS, and other high technology industries, serving factories, equipment sup... more>>

Plasma-Therm, St Petersburg, FL

Designs, manufactures and supports plasma etch and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment in various high technology market segme... more>>
QMC mass produces colloidal inorganic Group II-VI Tetrapod QD w/95% conversion and uniformity. High conversion efficiency, photostability, long life f... more>>
Manufactures and distributes UV-Ozone cleaning systems, plasma cleaners, etching systems (RIE, ICP) and molecular printers for the electronics, BioMed... more>>
Supplies robots, motion, wafer handler and EFEM for the semiconductor, LED, solar and clean-tech industries. Provide solutions in components level and... more>>


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