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Photonic crystal manufacturing equipment

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Comdel Inc, Gloucester, MA

Manufactures RF and DC generators, auto-match impedance monitors, multi-channel synthesizers and ESC power supplies for RF-driven plasma systems for P... more>>

Eulitha AG, W├╝renlingen, Switzerland

Provides lithography services and equipment to LED manufacturers. It specializes on printing of photonic patterns using its unique PHABLE technology f... more>>

EV Group (EVG), St Florian am Inn, UA, Austria

EV Group (EVG) targets the global semiconductor, MEMS and nanotechnology markets with its industry-leading wafer-bonding, lithography/nanoimprint lith... more>>

Plasma-Therm, St Petersburg, FL

Designs, manufactures and supports plasma etch and plasma enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) equipment in various high technology market segme... more>>
QMC mass produces colloidal inorganic, uniform, photo-stable, high-heat resistant quantum dots in both Cd and NHM. High volumes available for QD-LED, ... more>>

UVFAB Systems Inc, Walnut Creek, CA

Manufactures and distributes UV-Ozone cleaning systems, plasma cleaners, etching systems (RIE, ICP) and molecular printers for the electronics, BioMed... more>>


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