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Epitaxial wafers

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Epistar Corporation, located in the Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan since September 1996, focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing high brightn... more>>

Eulitha AG, W├╝renlingen,

Provides lithography services and equipment to LED manufacturers. It specializes on printing of photonic patterns using its unique PHABLE technology f... more>>
Custom LEDs: wafers, chips (bare die), packaged LEDs and assemblies. Wavelengths include: UV, visible, near infrared (700 ~ 1000 nm) and mid-infrared.

The Fox Group Inc, Sperryville, VA

Supplies UV LEDs. FoxUVtm LEDs have peak wavelengths in three ranges: 360-365nm and 350-355nm in a variety of packages + 340nm UV LEDs in TO-18FW.
Linde provides LED manufacturers with the full portfolio of gases, chemicals and engineering services.The Linde Group runs three ultra high purity amm... more>>
Logitech Ltd is a world leader in materials processing, shaping and surface finishing technology. Our cutting, lapping and polishing equipment is idea... more>>
Manufacture metal alloy heatsinks for LED, Laser and Semiconductor Industry. Like: 15CuW substrate, 89WCu Submount, LED Die substrate, LED Dia heat s... more>>


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